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Asking For Your Vote
by Samuel Bergeron


January 02, 2005

jpg Sam Bergeron

I am a candidate for Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Council President. The main reason I'm in this race is to take KIC into the future and to get away from the idea that we can't go forward until all the wrongs of the past have been corrected.

As KIC Tribal president, I will work tirelessly to create new employment opportunities for our members and improve our organization as a whole. It is my vision to employ as many of our members as wish to work. I want you to think of me as the guy who is all about economic development and also as one who believes.

I believe that the problems that face us are within our grasp to repair. I believe that with the help of some learned people and policy makers who have vision, we can become a viable, thriving tribe. I love KIC and the people who work and are enrolled here. It is my prayer and dream that we will build a place with a future for your kids and mine that includes a good career and a healthy environment. I want you all to know what I say all the time about leadership. "Leadership isn't anything, it's everything".

This election more than anything else is about where we want go. Do we want to continue spending all of our time on personnel policy issues and internal bickering or should we concern ourselves with building the greatest native organization in the country with a thriving economic base? I vote the latter. God Bless.

Sam Bergeron
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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