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Let's go Ketchikan!!
by Robert Sanderson Jr.


January 01, 2005

Let's help the tsunami victims. Please let me know where I and my son can help. Let's show them we can help.

Thank you.

Robert Sanderson Jr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA


Editor's Note:

Tsunami Relief Assistance - Secretary Powell (Dec. 31): "...President Bush has decided and we announced from the Crawford White House a little while ago that the United States contribution would now go up to $350 million. .... So this tenfold increase is indicative of American generosity, but it also is indicative of the need. The need is great, and not just for immediate relief but for long-term reconstruction, rehabilitation, family support, economic support that's going to be needed for these countries to get back up on their feet." - Read More...

For information on U.S. Humanitarian Assistance and how you can help - US United States State Department Link



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