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President's Initial Reaction Inadequate
by Neil Gray


January 01, 2005

Not that I would agree with all of Tom LeCompte's look at the U.S. aid to the Tsunami victims and President Bush's response, but he makes some very good points. The President's reaction was totally inadequate. You think the world's view of the U.S. was bad before, his action (or lack thereof) could produce feelings against us that can't be repaired. His vacation time was more important than jumping into action. His comments are, "My vacation time is important to me." He made no effort to make an immediate effort to help. Nobody heard from him for a few days! Poorer countries than the U.S. have made bigger contributions. Many private companies and individuals are performing much better than President Bush. Keep in mid that when the terrible hurricanes hit Florida, he jumped right in to help his brother's (Governor Jeb) state.

If Bush hadn't been so egotistical about going to war against a culture he'll never change, he could have poured those billions into problems at home and to the tsunami victims. We would look a lot better in the eyes of the world. At one time I was in favor of President Bush, but over the last year or so and after the election I am NOT. The point I wanted to make was, yes Tom, our response was not good enough to the earthquake victims.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA - USA



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