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by Lynne Miller


January 01, 2005

On the eve of the new year I chose to not log on to the internet or speak in general conversation to anyone in terms critical of any other person in regard to the natural tragedy that recently occurred in South Asia. Short of looking into another person's heart (yes, even our U.S. President's heart) and knowing unequivocally what another person's TRUE and FULL intent is in regard to this tragedy, each of us can only know what we singularly can do to make a difference in impacting positively these victims in the near and far reaching future.

My time and energy in this past week has been spent in quiet reverent contemplation about the scope of the damage to this area and praying for the care, comfort and essential daily needs that can be brought into their lives today and tomorrow, and how exactly I can help.

Have I done enough for these victims to date? Have you? Makes no difference to me, really. Just do something, anything. Just my opinion, and really just my one and only hope for the new year.

Lynne Miller
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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