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New Year's "Takebacks"
by Joseph Branco


January 01, 2005

I would like to withdraw my unneccesary attack on Tom LeCompte in one of my previous letters. Tom is a wonderful man and has been a family friend since the day I moved here. I unfairly connected one comment of Tom's that I disagreed with and attached an entire ideology to it and attacked with venom.

I agree with Mr. Kiffer, Tom is one of the most dedicated members of our community and donates more time and support to improving Ketchikan than anyone else I know.

Although Tom and I certainly disagree over the value of the current administration, we both have what we consider the best interest for America in our hearts.

I would also like to withdraw an argument I made over a year ago on Sitnews to Hunter Davis. He had orginally made the comment that we have too many laws. I attacked the statement because laws are constantly updated and created as American life evolves and to make a blanket statement like that showed a lack of understanding of our legal system. After much research, I am happy to agree with you Hunter - there are too many laws! Therefore I officially take back my argument.

Well those were my New Year's "Takebacks". Those of you I burned this past year or so that did not receive a "Takeback" - sorry, don't be so wrong next time.

Happy New Year everybody!

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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