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A win over slothfulness, sorta



October 25, 2014
Saturday PM

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Last Sunday was scary.

jpg Jeff Lund 

Not because of the wind advisory which interrupted the early NFL football game, but the whole situation. I was sinking into the couch. You know when you lay back against the back cushions, and the seat cushions start to slide forward? If you have a blanket draped over the back and onto the seat, it catches you, so as the sliding happens, you’re supported into a perfect, warm little couch soft taco. Once you get in there, the day could be over. Not in the sense that the day will end without you getting up, but all motivation drains from your body and is left, like change, beneath you.

I started to crave bean dip mixed with a brick of Velveeta cheese and shoveled into my face with Fritos. That’s the warning sign of a relapse. I very rarely order desserts or have sweets (except for my good luck Reese’s Pieces) I’ve never been overweight, or even close, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never been out of shape. In college the month of March was usually when I hit rock bottom athletically. With the NCAA tournament on, we’d buy large quantities of ground beef, roll it with spices, then pound it into patties and cook them on Jorge our George Foreman grill, named by our buddy Carlos. We’d go to the rec. center to sweat out some of the cheese on the basketball court, but we weren’t keeping pace with our caloric intake.

My buddy Kyle had a dry erase board with 64 slots to fill in the teams and chart the games. Since the tournament coincided with Spring Break and we didn’t have the cash or desire to head to Mexico, we stayed to watch our Arizona Wildcats and every single other game on the three TVs which were set up in Kyle’s living room.
We lost track of hygiene, burger counts and outside of some five-on-five at the rec., only exercised when we had to go to the store to get more supplies or $1 Happy Hour pizzas at Old Chicago. Oh boy that was the life. Basketball, burgers and good buddies. None of us had girlfriends at the time, but I’m sure that was just a coincidence.

Anyway, I felt the urge to just take the day and do nothing. To lay on my side and watch football until it felt like my face lost symmetry, then roll over to balance it back out. Just for old time’s sake.

But for some reason I got up. I fought the desire to fill up on food that doesn’t occur naturally in nature and cheese which doesn’t need to be refrigerated and ended up at the base of Deer Mountain.

Even though the wind was gnarly and the trail a bit creek-ish in parts, the hike felt good, as they always do. I’ve never gone on a hike and regretted it. The top was soupy with fast moving fog, but there was little rain. The wind had momentarily died so it was almost like I entered a white room. It was still and quiet except for my wet shoes on the trail. The second I stopped moving the breeze kicked up and my warm sweat chilled.

I took a few pictures for social media and buddies down south because that’s part of the program now. I’m not sure if it’s to make them jealous or let them know I’m alive, but either way, it happens and they return the favor when they are out and about in fun outdoor places.

On the way down I moved as fast I could while maintaining control. The legs were used, but not worn out. Perfect. However, college Jeff (who was offended I decided to bust my hamstrings trying to get up and down Deer Mountain in under two hours) thought it would be a good idea to reward myself with carrot cake which is obviously healthy because of the carrots. The last time I had one, my eye sight was remarkably improved by the next morning. It was worth the quarter-inch of frosting.

Again I resisted.

Got the marionberry dessert instead. With ice cream.


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