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Ketchikan, Alaska - SitNews has been a Ketchikan owned and operated media website for over 20 years and the first online-only news website published in Alaska.

The question isn't really what type of marketing is best, but instead, the question is what type offers the best way for you to reach your market and bring you buying customers? Odds are there are strategies in both traditional and Internet marketing that will work.

If your primary consumers are local, then consider marketing local. Digital advertising with SitNews will link your ad directly to your business website and can provide you with statistics on the efficiency and the reach of your local ad.

Advertising with SitNews will also keep your marketing money in the Ketchikan economy.

And, SitNews provides great exposure for local commercial advertisers with no fee or membership required for readers to view your business ad.

2017 Annual Stats for fron page

According to SitNews stats that are tracked daily, during year 2017, received a total of 2,328,366 visitor sessions for the year. This means that every digital commercial ad displayed on the front page of SitNews in 2017 was exposed to your potential clients - the 2 million visitors to SitNews.

For those commercial ads displayed on other pages published by SitNews, this increases your business advertising exposure through additional page views on ads displayed on news articles and in the classifieds. The costs of advertising with SitNews will be less expensive than advertising with social marketing unless you choose to select the FREE social media marketing option which will greatly limit your reach to your potential local consumers.

Something to consider before basing your marketing solely on social media and something that social media marketing professionals do not tell you: There are 593,193 Internet users in Alaska or 84.0% of the population. And for example, there are 385,340 registered Alaska Facebook users or only 54.6% of the population. These figures can fluctuate as members add or delete social media accounts.

Using a Social Media service for advertising solely for your business can also limit your advertising exposure due to requirements that users establish a membership before they may be able to view your ad or your social media page. This means that even if you pay for a social media ad, all individuals in your local area will not be able to view your ad unless they are already subscribed members to that social media service. And, when you advertise solely with social media accounts, your advertising dollars do not stay in the local Ketchikan economy.

In 2017, most commercial businesses already have established their websites promoting services and their products available and online purchasing options. Websites are available to all individuals with INTERNET accessibility with no membership requirements. Internet advertising through SitNews allows all visitors to view your SitNews' ad and click immediately to your website if they choose with no delays. No personal information is ever collected from SitNews visitors or from those clicking through to your website.

Although Social Media, such as FaceBook, has become more prominent on the web since 2010, according to the Statistics Portal ( the number of users of FaceBook social media for example in the United States was 202 million nationwide in 2017.

Isn't it time to take advantage of the great exposure SitNews can also provide to your local business through advertising?

  • Reach a large number of people locally, and statewide -- daily, monthly.
  • Ads/links are archived, thus increasing your search engine rankings.
  • Ads are displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Commercial advertising provides your business full access to publishing at any time in the free classifieds at no additional cost - a service which is not available for commercial businesses without advertising with SitNews.
  • Low cost. We keep our clients' budgets in mind. SitNews has raised it's advertising cost only one time in 13 years. SitNews also provides advertising discounted options to provide further savings - call or email to discuss savings.
  • Statistics of your commercial ad exposure numbers can be provided as requested demonstrating reach and cost-effectiveness.

By advertising with SitNews you will not only receive wide exposure for your ad, you will be helping to provide SitNews, an independently owned Ketchikan media website that has been online for over 21 years.

By advertising with SitNews. we are able to meet all our operational costs of running the business including paying all the freelance writers who provide the wonderful historical feature articles. Articles that are always provided free for readers' enjoyment and for promoting Ketchikan's history & community.

SitNews was created and is owned and operated by Mary C Kauffman. She has resided in the community of Ketchikan since 1983. After retiring from a 30 year teaching career, Mary created the SitNews website in 1997 and has served as its web-master for over 20 years. Later in 1999, after her husband Richard (Dick) Kauffman retired from the Federal Aviation Administration, he served as the editor until his death in 2007. Mary Kauffman is now the editor and continues to serve as the webmaster, graphic designer, and news writer.

SitNews was provided as a non-profit by the Kauffmans from 1997 until 2005. In 2005, SitNews became a licensed Alaska business and began offering commercial advertising.

For more information or questions, call 907.617.9696 or email the editor at




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