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Temperature pattern for Alaska Mixed for October
2007 the fifth wettest October on record for Ketchikan


November 08, 2007
Thursday AM

Ketchikan, Alaska - The temperature pattern for Alaska this October was mixed, with below normal temperatures for the eastern Interior, and parts of the southern coast. Temperatures were above normal for Southcentral, and the western and Arctic coasts. Most departures were within four degrees of normal, though a notable exception was Barrow, with a positive temperature departure of almost 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Precipitation was mostly below normal for much of the state, except the Southwest, and portions of the Panhandle. The seasonal snowpack was established during the month for many locations throughout the state.

jpg Ketchikan

Ketchikan, Alaska - Oct. 23rd
On October 23, Ketchikan had 3.84 inches of rainfall...
Photograph by Carl Thompson

It was quite wet in Ketchikan this October. All but three days reported rainfall for a monthly total of 32.51 inches. This amount was one foot above the average. This total makes 2007 the fifth wettest October on record. There were five daily rainfall amounts that were more than three inches. The highest rainfall was 3.84 inches on Oct. 23. Temperatures were a bit cooler than normal as the monthly average was 44.5 degrees Fahrenheit. This was 1.3 degrees below normal. The average high was 49 degrees. The average low was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The absolute high was 55 degrees on Oct. 9. The absolute low was 30 degrees on Oct. 18. Heating degree-days were 627 units, slightly more than normal for October.

Juneau also experienced a wet October this year with rain observed on all but two days during the month. Precipitation totaled 11.67 inches, more than 3 inches above average. Oct. 26 had the highest one-day total with 1.61 inches of rain. Precipitation was only in liquid form this month as no snow was reported at the airport. Temperatures averaged just a few tenths of a degree below normal for October, with a mean temperature of 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The average high and low for the month was 46 degrees and 38 degrees, respectively. The high temperature for the month, 51 degrees Fahrenheit, occurred on Oct. 3, 13, and 17. The month's low temperature was 27 degrees Fahrenheit on Oct. 20. Heating degree-day units totaled 707, which is normal for October.

October was a bit warmer than normal in Anchorage. The mean monthly temperature was 35.5 degrees Fahrenheit, more than a degree above average. The month's average high temperature was 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low temperature was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a 32-degree difference between the highest and lowest temperatures of the month. On Oct. 3, the high of 53 degrees was recorded, while the month's lowest temperature was 21 degrees recorded on Oct. 11. Heating degree-days were 50 units less than normal at 907. Snowfall was light for the month, with 3.1 inches. This amount is down from the normal 8.5 inches. No snow was on the ground at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at the end of the month. Water equivalent precipitation was 1.69 inches, less than half an inch below normal.

In Fairbanks, temperatures were cooler than normal for the first three weeks of October. It was only during the last week that temperatures began to moderate. The average temperature for the month was 21.2 degrees Fahrenheit, about 2.5 degrees cooler than normal. This was a marked difference from last October's average of 31 degrees. With the cooler temperatures, heating degree-days were about 65 units below normal at 1,351 units. The average high for the month was 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low was 14 degrees. On Oct. 1, the high for the month, 41 degrees, was observed. Oct. 22 recorded the month's low, minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowfall was three inches below normal for October, with a monthly total of 9.5 inches. The first measurable snowfall of the season came on Oct. 6 at the Fairbanks International Airport. About half of the monthly snowfall total occurred on Oct. 19, with 4.6 inches observed that day. There were 4 inches of snow on the ground by month's end. Water equivalent precipitation totaled about half an inch, which is below normal for October.

October was colder and drier this year in Big Delta. The month's average temperature was 21.6 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 2.5 degrees below normal. In addition, the month's average high and low temperatures were 29 degrees and 14 degrees, respectively. These averages were also a few degrees below normal. The monthly high was 44 degrees, recorded on Oct. 1. The month's low, minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, occurred Oct. 25. Heating degree-days totaled 1,339 units, about 70 more than normal. Liquid water equivalent precipitation was about half an inch, approximately a tenth of an inch below average for October. No snow data were available for Big Delta.

Temperatures in Barrow were quite mild this October, and remained fairly consistent throughout the month. The average temperature, 23.4 degrees Fahrenheit, was almost nine degrees warmer than normal. This average ranks October 2007 as one of the top 10 warmest Octobers on record. Accordingly, heating degree-days were more than 280 units less than normal, with 1,281 units. The average high temperature was 26 degrees Fahrenheit, about 7 degrees Fahrenheit above average. The average low temperature was 20 degrees Fahrenheit, almost 11 degrees above average. The high temperature, 33 degrees, was observed Oct. 1. The low for the month, only 7 degrees Fahrenheit, was reported Oct. 8. Snowfall was plentiful during the month, with a total of 10.2 inches. There were 3 inches more snow than normal for October. Each day in October 2007 reported a trace or more of snow. By the start of November, 7 inches of snow was on the ground. Liquid water equivalent precipitation was near normal, with 0.34 inch.

Nome had temperatures that were fairly close to normal during October, save for a warming trend during the last week. The average temperature for the month was less than a degree above normal at 28.8 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures averaged 35 degrees and lows averaged about 23 degrees. The month's highest temperature was 48 degrees on Oct. 1. The month's low, 9 degrees, was recorded on Oct. 24. Heating degree-days were near normal, with 1,112 units for the month. Snowfall was also near normal, with 5.6 inches. One inch of snow was on the ground at the airport by month's end. Liquid water equivalent precipitation was 0.91 inch.

King Salmon had a warm and wet October this year. The average temperature was 34.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 1.7 degrees warmer than normal. The average high was 42 degrees, and the average low was 28 degrees Fahrenheit. On Oct. 1, the month's high temperature was recorded. It was 52 degrees. The month's low temperature was observed Oct. 8 and was 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating degree-days were about 50 units less than normal, with 929 units. Liquid water equivalent precipitation was 2.68 inches. Snowfall totaled almost four inches, which is about average for October. With such sparse accumulation, there was no snow on the ground by month's end.

This information consists of preliminary climatological data that was compiled at the Alaska Climate Research Center, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks.



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Alaska Climate Research Center, Geophysical Institute


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