Ketchikan For A Positive Economy - Ketchikan, Alaska 


As Members of Ketchikan For A Positive Economy!, we support the City of Ketchikan's
decision to finance the port improvement project with revenue bonds and urge
the voters to Vote Yes! on April 11th.


Terry Wanzer - Hospitality Unlimited
Robert Smith - Citizen
Anita Statter - Citizen
Charene Dima - Model Builders
Dennis Pope - 1st City Electric
Rick Ruaro - 1st City Electric
David Price - 1st City Electric
Bob Berto - Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska
John Kimmel ­ Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska
Rick Erickson - Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska
Steward Stephens - Citizen
Judee Mettler - Citizen
Nevin Appel - Beck Building
Tom Ferry - Eagle Heights B&B
Dale Busch - Citizen
Rich Elliott - White Marine
Clay Keene - Keene & Currall
Jeff Currall - Keene & Currall
Henry Keene - Keene & Currall
Jim Ingle - Great Tours
Steve Locklear - SignPro
Jay Browne- ILWU
Mike Dooley - Waterfall
Carol Dooley - Alaska Sportfishing Adventures
Blake Messer- KTKN/KGTW Radio
John Taggart - UFCW Union
Larry Adams - Lighthouse Marine
Dan Kelly - Alaska Marine Trucking
Paul Axelson - Southeast Stevedoring
Jim Shoemaker - Northland Services
Harold Howard - Milner & Howard
John Thompson - Amak Towing
Richard Reed- Basic Transportation
Michael Salazar - Acordia NW
Carla Czitas - Carmuk Charters
Michael Norris - Ketchikan Charter Boats
Blaine Ashcraft - Chamber of Commerce
Mary Klahn - Citizen
Chris Herby - Channel Electric
Sherrie Slick - Alaska Congressional Delegation
Jeanette Rosier - The Local Paper
Charles Pool - Pool Engineering
Joe Johnston- Davies-Barry Insurance
Barbara Bigelow - Waypoint Inn
Kay Sims - The Landing
Dick Coose - Citizen
Ethan Berto - Citizen
Hogan & Christy Zinn - Citizens
Karyle Beitman - Citizen
Michael Herding - Northern Sales Co.
Michael Painter - S.E. Diesel & Electric
Len Laurance - Citizen
Joe Wharton - Cape Fox Tours
Debbie Karlson - Alliance Realty
Bob Bankson - Citizen
Roger Stone - Alliance Realty
Tim Montgomery - Tongass Freight Service
Dave Anderes - Anderes Oil
Andrew Spokely - PSSA,LLC
Kirk Thomas - Cedars Lodge
Doug Hanson - Citizen
Harold Gil Smith - Citizen
Randy Johnson - Tyler Rental
Steve Weberg - Ketchikan Dray
Ed Steffen - Petro Alaska
Leigh Gerber - Norquest Seafoods
Larry Elliott - E.C. Phillips
Bill Goodale - Schmolck Mechanical
John D. Karlson- Karlson Motors
David Rosendin - Attorney
James Scott - Citizen
Jim Kosmos - Southeast Aviation
Martin Pihl - Citizen
Lyle Simpson - Citizen
Ken C. Perry - Timber & Marine
Renee Schofield - TSS/AD - STAR
Rob Holston - Lighthouse Excursions
Patrick Branco - Citizen
Trevor Sande - R&M Engineering
Sidney Browne - Alaskan Experience
L. M. Busch - Ketchikan Cleaners
Ray Matiashowski - Gateway Realty
Bob Jackson - Gateway Realty
Richard Andrew - Annabelles
Doug Andrew - Food Services of America
Dale Pihlman - Alaska Coastal Quest
Chris Parks - Tongass Trading Company
Mike & Donna Holman - Snow's Cove Lodge & Tours
Dan Michalsen - Sockeye Sams
Bill Elberson - ReMax Realty
Deepu Budhrani- Caribbean Gems
Jacquie Meck - The Local Paper
Scott Milner - Citizen
Paul Jarvi - Julies
Rob Skinner - Skinner Motors
Dale Collins - Citizen
Zig Ziegler - Alliance Realty
Bruce Borup - Cape Fox Corporation
Wally Stewart - United Food & Commercial Workers
Harvey Smith - J&M's
Carroll Fader - Citizen
Jim Taro - Southeast Stevedoring
Todd Phillips - Trinkets
Peter Ellis - Ellis Law Offices
John Peterson - Attorney at Law
Cliff Skillings - Alaska Marine Lines

Tourism related spending is a large part of our economy and we can't afford to lose that revenue.
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