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House Acts to Deter Underage Access to Alcohol
HB 428 Provides Civil Penalty for Adults Who Buy; Kids that Solicit


March 30, 2004

The House of Representatives unanimously passed a measure Monday that allows licensees to seek a $1000 civil penalty against adults who buy alcohol for minors and also for minors who solicit adults to purchase alcohol for them.

Sponsored by Rep. Kevin Meyer (R-Anchorage), HB 428 mirrors an Anchorage ordinance that is already being used to successfully deter misguided adults from purchasing alcohol for minors. "Because of the success of the Anchorage ordinance and the alcohol education training programs that are being used, licensees across the state want to be more proactive in keeping underage kids away from alcohol," Meyer said.

HB 428 relies on a community policing philosophy, which promotes organization strategies, outside of State and Municipal involvement, to address community problems such as underage access to alcohol. "HB 428 implements a zero-cost enforcement policy. We can't have a police officer at every liquor store in this state, so the more help we can get from businesses and citizens, the better," stated Meyer. "It is optional for licensees to seek these civil penalties against the adults and the minors, however, I hope that more businesses statewide will take advantage of this measure."

Quoting a news release, alcohol remains the leading drug problem among Alaskan youth, with earlier and earlier initiation of consumption. Underage drinking is associated with the leading causes of sexual assault and death among young people, including car crashes, murder, and suicide. "HB 428 will provide an economic deterrent for adults and for minors to abstain from purchasing or soliciting the purchase of alcohol, and an incentive for licensees to work towards keeping our children safe," said Meyer.


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