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Senator Stedman Visits With KYC Members


March 29, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - Senator Bert Stedman (R-Sitka) visited with the Ketchikan Youth Court (KYC) Saturday morning at the Plaza. KYC Program Coordinator Gretchen Klein said, "The youth court members explained the process of KYC and about the roles they enjoy participating in." She said, "Senator Stedman is doing his part in helping to keep youth courts around the state funded."

"Youth court volunteers statewide are making great contributions to their communities. I'm doing my part in the legislature to recognize their hard work and their value to the state," Sen. Bert Stedman sponsor of Senate Bill 292 stated in a recent news release. "I am a strong believer in youth courts and their positive effects on communities."

The original HB 303, "An Act relating to youth courts and to the recommended use of criminal fines to fund the activities of youth courts; and relating to accounting for criminal fines", was sponsored in July 2003 by Representative Max Gruenberg (D-Anchorage), Representative Les Gara (D-Anchorage), Representative Peggy Wilson (R-Wrangell), Representative Beverly Masek (R-Willow), Representative Lesil McGuire (R-Anchorage), Representative Jim Holm (R-Fairbanks), Ralph Samuels (R-Anchorage), and Representative Paul Seaton (R-Homer).


Senator Stedman, center, during his visit with Ketchikan Youth Court members...
Photo courtesy KYC

Senator Stedman was greeted by Gregory Bird, Tracy Anderson, Alex Chavarria, Jessica Bernard, Sean Fultz, Alex Chavarria, Kody Hanas, Jessie Chapman, Courtney Enright, Stephanie Reinhardt, Tallon Shreeve, Bryce Timm. Brandon Maxwell, Jonathan Makua, Elizabeth Graham, Kanoe Thomas, and parents Fred Chavarria, Tammy Chavarria, Deborah Hanas, and Cher're Klein.

Klein said, "Ketchikan Youth Court is one of fifteen youth courts around the state. Evaluations and statistics have shown that nationwide these diversionary programs are very effective in dealing with first time offenders."

"Ketchikan Youth Court would like to thank Senator Stedman for taking his Saturday morning to visit the Ketchikan Youth Court/Big Brothers Big Sisters office," said Klein.


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KYC Members greet Senator Stedman Saturday...
Photo courtesy KYC



After meeting with Senator Stedman, KYC members picked up liter along the North Tongass Highway - spending five hours gathering garbage along the roadside.
Photo courtesy KYC



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