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Alaska Tribal Health Providers memorialize
past and ongoing health care efforts


March 27, 2004
Saturday - 2:25 am

On March 17, 2004, a historic event took place in Anchorage, Alaska. It was 10 years ago that Alaska's Tribes began organizing to develop the "Alaska Tribal Health Compact" in

KIC Team
Cheryl Haven KIC Grants & Contracts Coordinator; Tribal Council President Stephanie Rainwater-Sande; Karen Carter KIC Clinic Health Administrator; David Landis KIC Deputy General Manager;
and Lance Mertz KIC Finance Director...
Photo courtesy KIC
order to own, operate and manage tribal health care. To commemorate this anniversary, a gathering of tribal health organization board members, tribal leaders, health directors and others met to provide a forum for the exchange of current information in key areas of importance related to Alaska Native health. To memorialize these past and ongoing health care efforts, a "signing ceremony" of the Alaska Tribal Health System Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was also featured.

The purposes of the MOU are to: 1) Define the essential components of the Alaska Tribal Health System and their interrelationships; 2) Define the commitments of participants to continue and enhance the unique tribal cooperation and coordination regarding health services that have developed in Alaska, and; 3) To ensure that all Alaska Natives have access to a comprehensive, integrated, tribally-controlled health care delivery system for the improvement of the health and well-being of Alaska native peoples.
KIC, by resolution, authorized Tribal Council President Stephanie Rainwater-Sande to sign the MOU stating, "Whereas Alaska native tribal health providers benefit from being organized as a statewide system for the purposes of services planning, resource utilization, advocacy, and health care coordination."

Tribal Council President Stephanie Rainwater-Sande signing the MOU
Photo courtesy KIC

The MOU signing ceremony was timed to take advantage of the annual Indian Health Service - Tribal Health Compact Co-signer "Pre-negotiation" sessions on March 18 and 19th, at which time the federal agency and the Tribes engage in face-to-face talks regarding current laws and funding levels affecting all of Alaska's Native people. After returning to Ketchikan, President Rainwater-Sande said: "KIC's negotiating team was very effective, holding the line on funding levels and informing the IHS of our desire for tribal consultation in Ketchikan."



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