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March Proclaimed Sobriety Awareness Month

March 08, 2004
Monday - 2:10 pm

Proclaiming the importance of sobriety and the effect that positive decisions have on our individual lives, families and communities, Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski has named


Friday, Governor Murkowski met with 4th graders from Ms. Pam Cure's Auke Bay class in Juneau and urged them to make smart decisions about avoiding alcohol and drugs when they get older. The Governor has proclaimed March Sobriety Awareness Month.
Photo courtesy Office of the Governor
the month of March Sobriety Awareness Month in Alaska.

Musher Mike Williams of Aniak carried ten copies of the Sobriety Awareness proclamation in his sled as he set out for Nome at the start of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race from downtown Anchorage. Williams also carried Senate Concurrent Resolution 21 from the Alaska State Legislature.

Once in Nome, Williams will distribute the proclamation to regional health corporations for public display.

State law makes it a policy to "recognize, appreciate, and reinforce" the path of sobriety and highlight citizens who support sobriety, and those who serve as examples.

The proclamation reads, "As a way of life, sobriety has been defined as a positive, healthy, and productive way of life, free from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse by more than 50 profit and nonprofit organizations, community groups, and student governments throughout Alaska."

In Friday's meeting with fourth graders from Ms. Pam Cure's Auke Bay Elementary School class in Juneau, Governor Murkowski noted, "You're getting older and will be making decisions about drugs and alcohol. It's important that you make the right decisions that will improve your future."

Murkowski shared his message with other young people last week who visited his office as part of the Key Campaign's visit to the state's capitol, and at a DARE graduation ceremony for all Juneau fifth graders Thursday evening.


Governor's Proclamation:

Sobriety Awareness Month


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