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Quilting in the Rain XIII Winners

February 26, 2004
Thursday - 12:30 am

Ketchikan, AK - The Annual Quilting in the Rain XIII quilt show was held February 14th and 15th at the Plaza Mall. The Quilting in the Rain show concluded with winners galore in a number of categories.

Best Wearable Art
1st Place: Tea Party Coat and Hat - Jeanne Sande
photo by Weston Davis


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Best Use of Color:

1st: Vintage Memories--Mary Jo Erickson
2nd: Starbound--Mary Jo Erickson

Best Hand Quilting:

1st: Lone Star--Rusty Vondersmith
2nd: Floral Applique--Madalyn Palensky

Best Machine Quilting:

1st: Curvaceous--Lindley Gifford
2nd: Giant Dahlia--Lindley Gifford

Best Serendipity:

1st: Sun In Provence--Alyce Bethel
1st: Thread Fall--Jackie Bredehoft
2nd: Name Unknown--Rebecca Smith

Best Wearable Art:

1st: Tea Party Coat and Hat--Jeanne Sande
2nd: Colorful Quilted Jacket--Cheri Davis


Hand quilted 1st: Pinwheels & Posies--Dawn Teune
Hand quilted 2nd: Repro pinwheels--Elizabeth Gonzalez
Machine quilted 1st: Pineapple---Judi Jagusch
Machine quilted 2nd: April Tulips--Judy Madden
Machine quilted HM: Mini Stamp Basket--Roxanne Byron

Wall Hanging:

Hand quilted 1st: Pieces in Pink--Madalyn Palensky
Hand quilted 2nd: Irish Chain--Judy Madden
Machine quilted 1st: Oak Leaves---Judy Madden
Machine quilted 2nd: Hunter s Star---Dena Conley
Prof quilted 1st: Wild Kites--Penny Cusack
Prof quilted 2nd: Sailboat & Lighthouse--Penny Cusack


Hand quilted 1st: Alaska Coast--Karen Burgoyne
Hand quilted 2nd: Flannel 9 Patch--JoanE Kasko
Hand quilted HM: Log Cabin Heart--Marsha Bousley
Machine quilted 1st: Falling Leaves--Judy Madden
Machine quilted 2nd: Wandering Ways--Dena Conley
Prof quilted 1st: It's a Fishy Business--Penny Cusack
Prof quilted 2nd: Fishies and Little Fishies--Barb Milner
Prof quilted HM: Asian Circles--Pat Leary
Tied 1st: Just Ducky--Virginia Adams
Tied 2nd: Fish Stories--Bonnie Benson

Bed quilts:

Hand quilted 1st: Lone Star--Rusty Vondersmith
Hand quilted 2nd: Magic Carpet--JoanE Kasko
Machine quilted 1st: Giant Dahlia--Lindley Gifford
Machine quilted 2nd: Happy Anniversary--Karen Miles
Prof quilted 1st: Vintage Memories--Mary Jo Erickson
Prof quilted 2nd: Dresden Hearts--Judi Jagusch
Prof quilted 2nd: Kacy's Star--Bonnie Benson
Prof quilted 2nd: Northern Lights--Cathy Tillotson
Tied 1st: Sean's T-Shirt quilt--Nancy Mitchel
Tied 2nd: Alaska Memories--Ruth Suiter


A group quilt is composed of blocks done by individual quilters.
Hand quilted 1st: Storm At Sea--Kathy Jackson & Joan E Kasko
Hand quilted 2nd: Nine Patch--Mary Cook Moore & Barb Massenburg
Machine quilted 1st: Shawn s Quilt--Cathy Tillotson
Machine quilted 2nd: Scrappy & Stripped in Green--Cathy Tillotson
Prof quilted 1st: Presidential Sues--Dena Conley
Prof quilted 2nd:Biblical Blocks--Penny Cusack & Peggy Gelbrich
Prof quilted 2nd: Lenten Quilt--Holy Name Quilters
Tied 1st: Pitcher's Comfort Quilt
Tied 2nd: Carolyn's Comfort Quilt


Hand quilted 1st: Be A Clown--Mary Larsen
Machine quilted 1st: Curvaceous--Lindley Gifford
Machine quilted 2nd: Muted Brights--Cathy Tillotson
Prof quilted 1st: Lily-Hopper Frog--Jeanne Sande

First quilt:

Hand quilted 1st: Here Kitty, Kitty--Stephanie Sherva
Machine quilted 1st: The Barn Dance--Linda Frazier
Prof quilted 1st: Northern Lights--Bonnie Benson
Prof quilted 2nd: Sunflowers--Linda Gilson


Hand quilted 1st: Happy 50th--Judy Madden
Hand quilted 2nd: Floral Applique--Madalyn Palensky
Hand quilted HM: Josie s Posies--Mary Jo Erickson
Machine quilted 1st: Monster Quilt--Mary Jo Erickson
Prof quilted 1st: Rose Applique--Pat Leary
Prof quilted 2nd: My Little Ladies--Mary Jo Erickson
Prof quilted HM: AT Home In The Woods--Annette Hansen

Judge's Choice (The Judges are listed first: the quilters are listed second)
Judges choose from the blue ribbon first place winners in all the categories.

Carolyn Wilsie: Rose Applique--Pat Leary
Scott Nall: Giant Dahlia--Lindley Gifford
Jane Dossett: Happy 50th--Judy Madden
Dave Dossett: Dresden Hearts--Judi Jagusch
Kay Sims: Presidential Sue s--Dena Conley

People's choice is chosen by all visitors to the show through 4pm on Saturday.

People's Choice: Dresden Hearts--Judi Jagusch

The best of show is chosen from the judge's choice pool of winners.

Best of Show: Rose Applique--Pat Leary

The President's award is chosen by all past and present Rainy Day Quilter's Guild Presidents.

President's Award: Madalyn Palensky


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