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Safety on the Water
Discovery Center, Feb. 27, 2004 7-8:00 pm

February 26, 2004
Thursday - 12:30 am


photo by Carl Thompson ©

USCG Base Ketchikan
Photograph by Carl Thompson ©2004

Whether working, fishing, traveling, or recreating, being on the water is part of life for many in Ketchikan. As we well know the water is dangerous. There is however an organization that can help. The Coast Guard is there to help when we need them most. They can also help us prepare and make the right decisions allowing us to mitigate the potential serious risks involved in boating. This can help us prevent emergencies from happening.

The Coast Guard will be giving a presentation this Friday on Water Safety at the Southeast Alaska Discovery Center. There will be a short video then a short discussion on water safety from representatives of the Coast Guard. They will also share what the Coast Guard does and the many adventures of life in the Coast Guard.


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