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Yeda Hicks Honored For Service
Retires From Saxman's Youth Outreach Director Position
by Gigi Pilcher

February 16, 2004
Monday - 12:40 am

Yeda Hicks

Ketchikan, Saxman, AK - Friends, co-workers and community agency leaders gathered for a luncheon at the Cape Fox Hotel Friday to honor Yeda Hicks who is retiring from his position as Saxman's Youth Outreach Director.

Hicks has provided services - along with friendship - to the youth of Saxman and their families officially for seven years and unofficially for ten years. During that time, Hicks has provided outstanding services in many programs including the Culture Camp, Breakfast Club and suicide prevention.

As for his retirement plans, Hicks plans to continue living in Saxman and plans to remain active in supporting youth in both Ketchikan and Saxman through volunteer activities. He said he also plans to take the next year "learning how to breathe again."



Photo Gallery


Ketchikan Indian Community's Director of Social Services, Debbie Patton thanks Hicks for his contributions to the youth of Ketchikan and Saxman.
Photo by Gigi Pilcher


Presentation of gifts: Joe Williams, Richard Shields, Bruce Dixon, and George Winters present Hicks with gifts of appreciation for his dedication and service from the community.
Photo by Gigi Pilcher


Yeda Hicks thanks Saxman elders, Marvin and Ceclia Atkinson,
for their help and support.
Photo by Gigi Pilcher


Along with Richard Shields and Joe Williams,
Irene Dundas drummed and sang a song honoring Hicks in Tlingit.
Photo by Gigi Pilcher


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