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Conference of Alaskans Wraps Up Business


February 13, 2004
Friday - 12:55 am

The Conference of Alaskans wrapped up business Thursday, bringing to an end three days of deliberations in Fairbanks regarding the Permanent Fund.

Conference of Alaskans photograph...

Governor and 55 Conference of Alaska Delegates
Governor Murkowski (far left) poses with the 55 delegates, including Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, at the Conference of Alaskans in Fairbanks on Feb. 10, 2004.
Photo courtesy Office of the Governor


In light of the adjournment of the Conference of Alaskans, Governor Frank H. Murkowski issued the following statement:

The Conference of Alaskans was a great success. It focused attention and created an opportunity for dialogue on important questions for Alaska's future. I appreciate the time and the dedication of all the Conference conveners, delegates and volunteers. I thank them for their hard work and personal sacrifice.

The Conference provided an opportunity for a cross-section of Alaskans to engage in serious debate on Alaska's financial future. The tone reflected the serious purpose of the Conference and the delegates' respect for one another and their fellow citizens. The discussion was principled and the arguments presented on their merits.

I am pleased the Conference of Alaskans recommended that a Constitutional amendment be passed by the Legislature and presented to the voters on the 2004 general election ballot that would change the method of managing the Alaska Permanent Fund using the Percent of Market Value approach proposed by the Trustees.

I also applaud their recommendation that the state maintain a prudent balance in the Constitutional Budget Reserve to stabilize state finances and to cushion the state against an unexpected decline in oil prices.

In respect to the questions I put forward regarding use of the income of the Permanent Fund for dividends and possibly for other purposes - Conference delegates recommended that some income from the Permanent Fund be used to support education, public protection and other essential state services and that dividends be protected for future generations. I will work with the Legislature to make sure that any Constitutional amendment put forward for a vote of the people would include provisions that would accomplish these goals.

I will forward the Conference report to the Legislature so that the body can fully consider the outcome of the Conference. The legislation which I will present to the Legislature will only focus on the four key questions I asked the Conference to debate regarding the Permanent Fund and the CBR.

My bedrock principles are to protect the value of the Permanent Fund for future generations and to grow Alaska's economy so that there are good jobs for Alaskans today and for our children tomorrow.

This Conference has been a tremendous success and will be remembered for the dedication of its delegates. I thank the many Alaskans who worked so hard to make it a success with their contributions and participation. The Conference brought focus to issues, it generated debate, and resulted in recommendations that will become the basis for future consideration among elected officials and all Alaskans.



Conference of Alaskans - Delegates to the Conference of Alaskans adopted the following resolutions on the third and final day of the proceedings. The resolutions passed by majority vote. All 55 members of the Conference signed the Letter to Fellow Alaskans.

pdf Letter to Fellow Alaskans from Delegates

pdf Resolution on Constitutional Budget Reserve

pdf Resolution on Percent of Market Value

pdf Resolution on Dedicating Dividends

pdf Resolution on Earnings for State Services



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Conference of Alaskans
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