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House Passes Resolution To Include All Alaskans In Initiative Process

February 06, 2004
Saturday - 1:00 am

The Alaskan House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 5 Friday morning, calling for a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot to ensure that initiatives and referendums have broad-based statewide support.

Rep. Bill Williams (R-Saxman) introduced the resolution on the House floor. It calls for signatures to be obtained from residents in at least three-quarters of the House Districts in Alaska. Additionally, the signatures gathered in each district must equal at least seven percent of the number of people who voted in the most recent general election.

"This amendment would guarantee that petitions for initiatives and referendums in our state get support from all around Alaska. It ensures that initiatives on the ballot are not regionalized, but represent all Alaskans and their interests. This amendment will strengthen Alaskans' important constitutional right to use the initiative process," Representative Williams said. "I am confident that the voters of this state will have the opportunity to consider this constitutional amendment in November."

The amendment now goes to the State Senate. If it is approved by two-thirds of the members of the Senate and signed by the Governor, this amendment will be put before the voters of Alaska at the next general election.

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