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Governor, Legislators Work Toward Spending Limit

January 21, 2004
Wednesday - 12:30 am

Juneau - As announced in his State of the State address a week ago, Governor Frank Murkowski on Tuesday endorsed a proposed constitutional spending limit. He was joined in supporting the concept by Senator Fred Dyson and Representatives Bill Stoltze, Norman Rokeberg, Vic Kohring, and John Harris. Dyson and Stoltze are prime sponsors of spending limit legislation currently under consideration.

"We said in the State of the State last week that we would support putting a constitutional spending limit on the November ballot, in conjunction with a proposal we anticipate to come from the Conference of Alaskans next month in Fairbanks," Murkowski said. "Here is a concept to limit spending that we think will work. Clearly, it is the business of the Legislature to consider constitutional amendments and pass them on to the voters. I have asked the sponsors of legislation now under consideration to review our proposal and work with us to pass it. I look forward to cooperating with them in passing this essential legislation."

The constitutional spending limit is a key element of the Governor's fiscal program. The constitutional spending limit is intended to assure Alaskans that the growth of state government will be kept in check.

The proposal has three main goals. The first is to limit how much state government grows from one year to the next, regardless of funding source. For this reason, the limit applies to general funds as well as "other state funds." The second is to narrow the number of appropriations excluded from the limit, so as to minimize any incentive to redefine spending. The third goal is to create an incentive to save surplus revenue by putting it into the Permanent Fund or the Constitutional Budget Reserve fund.

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