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House Majority Outlines Priorities for Upcoming Session

January 13, 2004
Tuesday - 12:45 am

"A sustainable, balanced budget; quality education; and resource development are three of our top goals as we begin this session," said House Speaker Pete Kott (R-Eagle River).

"It's time to make tough decisions. We are going to take a critical look at educating our children. Alaskans care about it and are concerned with the results. We must determine what role earnings of the Permanent Fund will play in our future financial structure. We need to consider the percent of market value as well as other components of our general revenue system to close the fiscal gap and provide long term fiscal stability for Alaska. We must actively promote further resource development; building a natural gas pipeline in the state is our top resource priority," Kott declared.

The Speaker went on to say, "We also look forward to seeing the Governor's budget and policy proposals. This session will be an opportunity for the Majority and Minority caucuses of the Legislature and the Administration to work together for fiscal, education, and resource policy that assures a bright future for Alaska."

The 2nd session of the 23rd legislature began Monday, January 12, 2004. The Governor's State of the State Address will be at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 13th



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