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Alaska's Threat Level Lowered to "Yellow"
Governor calls for caution, vigilance


January 10, 2004
Saturday - 1:00 am

Governor Frank Murkowski lowered Alaska's security threat level from 'Orange' to 'Yellow' Friday.

"Our Disaster Policy Cabinet recommended that we follow President Bush's lead in this matter, and I concurred with it," said Murkowski. "This means that the risk is still significant. We need to continue to be vigilant and alert, implementing security procedures for threat level 'Yellow'. As in the past, we continue to encourage reporting of suspicious activities during all threat levels."

"I extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who worked some very long hours to ensure our safety during the recent holiday season. Alaskans from all walks, both public and private sector, stepped forward to help during this time of increased threat to our nation. While we continue to be at risk to the threat of terrorism at an elevated level, extensive protective measures remain in place throughout our nation," he said.

More than 150 members of the Alaska National Guard, Alaska State Defense Force, and the Alaska State Troopers increased their surveillance and support activities at several locations including Valdez and the Dalton Highway.

Alaska's Homeland Security Director Tom Burgess notes that 'Yellow' is still a state of elevated alert and we need to continue our vigilance in order to ensure personal security and safety. "We need to stay focused and aware of our situation and environment, and not take it for granted," he said.


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