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Challenges Other Senate Candidates to Join Him in
Lessening Outside Influence in Alaska Politics

January 06, 2004
Tuesday - 12:55 am

In a bid to lessen outside influence on Alaska elections and unclutter the airwaves, U.S. Senate candidate Tony Knowles on Monday blasted the use of outside third party ads in election campaigns and publicly rejected any such "soft money" ads sponsored by outside third parties on his behalf. Knowles also challenged other candidates for Alaska's Senate seat to join him in doing the same.

"I reject the growing use of outside third-party ads that are paid for by outside groups seeking to influence the outcome of our elections and I challenge other candidates for federal office to reject them as well," Knowles said. "This office should be earned by the person who wins the confidence and respect of Alaskans by dealing with them directly, and not through ads paid for and sponsored by outside groups and their unknown agendas."

Although these third-party ads are supposedly outside of a candidate's control, Knowles said the public is perceptive enough to see the unspoken and cozy relationship with the campaign that benefits from the ads. Through his public announcement today, Knowles specifically rejects any would-be outside group using this tactic and has insisted that party officials not assist in their production.

"This kind of often-negative advertising was used extensively in the last election cycle and we've already seen thinly-veiled campaign ads paid for by soft money from an outside group to help Lisa Murkowski," Knowles said. "Any candidate who claims they can't get third-party groups supporting their candidacies to pull their ads clearly isn't effective enough to stand up for Alaska in the United States Senate."

Instead of soft money advertising on television and radio, Knowles said he and other candidates could better spend their time this campaign season talking to Alaskans about the issues through speaking engagements and other public appearances.

"I think most Alaskans are fed up with the increasing length of political campaigns and especially by the outside directed media that clutters the television and radio airwaves," Knowles added. "My New Year's resolution is to publicly renounce any outside 'soft money' ads on my behalf in this year's campaign. I don't want them, the Alaska public doesn't need them, and I'm calling on my fellow candidates to join in rejecting this type of outside influence in Alaska elections."

A former two-term mayor of Anchorage and two-term Governor of Alaska, Tony Knowles announced his intent to run for the U.S. Senate last July. The seat is currently held by Lisa Murkowksi who was appointed to the job by her father, Gov. Frank Murkowski.


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