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Jobs Advertised for State's New Fast Ferry

January 01, 2004
Thursday - 1:00 am

The Alaska Marine Highway System this week began recruitment efforts for a number of crew positions on the new fast ferry, the FV Fairweather, according to Tom Briggs, director of Marine Operations.

Positions are now posted on the Workplace Alaska website, inviting applications for two full-time crews of 10 full-time jobs and for a crew of relief positions. The crews are expected to work a schedule of seven days on and seven off. Additional shore support jobs may be recruited at a later date, according to Briggs.

He said the state intends to have the positions filled by March, when the Fairweather is expected to be delivered here, and would begin training the new crews to be ready by May 1, when service to the public is scheduled to begin.

Director Briggs added that his hope is that current employees of the Marine Highway System will be among those who apply for the new positions on the Fairweather. The state has developed terms and conditions of employment for the new crews that reflect industry standards for the operation of the high speed vessel "that we believe applicants will find attractive."

Briggs added that there has been strong interest in response to the recruitment, and that the department has received quite a few applications.



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